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At the Jesus Culture La 2014 Conference Christa Black Gifford spoke. The following are few of things mentioned which should raise concern:

Gifford considers Bill Johnson her pastor. Bill Johnson is a false teacher.

Christa is associated with William P Young who wrote the Shack. The Shack contains New Age teachings.

Since women are made in the image of God, God has a girly side. “God has a girly side!”

The Trinity was naked “they were naked, they are naked, they were naked in front of one another". The Trinity said, “Let’s have kids, let’s birth life”. "The main definition of the God we serve is love. Therefore we are made in the image of love."

Christa Black Gifford claimed she had a vision of Jesus where black smoke was between her and Jesus. She did not understand why her and Jesus were separated. Jesus explained to her it was because she guarded her heart from him. At this realization, Jesus took a mattress and set it in the middle of the room they were in. Black went on to explain how she and Jesus "hung out" on the mattress. Their time consisted of playing patty cake and Christa asking Jesus about the color she should dye her hair.

Jesus Culture Los Angeles 2014

In 1992 evangelist Benny Hinn prayed for Claudio Freidzon that he would receive a special anointing. Freidzon commented, "It was almost like an ordination service." The unusual manifestations began soon after. Claudio also received the manifestation of "holy laughter" from Rodney Howard-Browne (source). Claudion Freidzon later imparted his anointing to John Arnott. After John Arnott was imparted, he and his wife Carol, invited Randy Clark to speak at the Toronto Airport Vineyard Church. As John tells the story, “It was like an explosion. We saw people literally being knocked off their feet by the Spirit of God….others shook and jerked. Some danced, some laughed. Some lay on the floor as if dead for hours. People cried and shouted.” (source)

Lou Engle worked with International House of Prayer's or now known as KHOP's, Mike Bickle. He also considers himself to be a prophet. Engle promotes the doctrine of Joel's Army and the Manifest Son's of God.

Manifest Sons of God teachings:

- A New Form and Standard for Christianity is emerging. It will change our entire understanding of what Christianity is. In 20 years it will be entirely different. Change will be so dramatic, the Christian church as we know it will oppose it. The change will come from outside the church. 
- Rapture is for the "wicked" (Not of the saved!). 
- God is to be revealed when he takes his throne in the temple. 
- Christians cannot be deceived. 
- City Churches: One church leadership per city. Other churches are to join the under the apostolic authority of one man or group of men and transfer membership to them (or associated churches in other cities), and ultimately close down their churches). 
- Joel's Army/Kingdom Now/Dominion theology: the church is to conquer and subdue the earth in order to bring in the millennium. 
- New Breed/manifest Son's of God: We will be perfected into our glorified bodies prior to Christ's return. This will allow us to subdue the earth. 
- The restoration of "the fivefold ministry" as enumerated in Ephesians 4:11, with particular emphasis on the offices of apostle and prophet. (Branham was widely touted as the prophet Elijah reborn). 
- Christians become "gods". We have the "divine" nature. 
- Christ comes into us as a "seed" and grows into a "prophet". Christ therefore returns "within us". 
- Jesus was sent as a "pattern" for the corporate church (Corporate church in this context means that the church becomes Christ. Christ is not complete without us because he is the head and we are the body). 
- The current churches have the spirit of "Antichrist".

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Reinhard Bonnke is an evangelist who claims God has saved millions of souls in Africa through him. He is known for his anointing to heal, yet has lied about certain healings and raising people from the dead. He is the one who 'remarried' Benny Hinn and Suzanne after their divorce. 

For more info on Reinhard Bonnke, click here and here.

Apprising Ministries has done a great job of connecting the dots from Jesus Culture to Cindy Jacobs. Read their article here.

Cindy Jacobs considers herself to be a prophet of God, yet she has false prophesied (source). Deuteronomy 18:19-22 is clear that a prophet's prophecy must come true 100%, 100% of the time. 

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T.D. Jakes

Cindy Jacobs

Claudio Freidzon

Reinhard Bonnke

Lou Engle

T.D. Jakes has said Trinitarians as well as Oneness Pentecostals consider him a heretic. That is because for years T.D. Jakes has denied the Trinity and attempted to keep both camps from labeling him as a heretic by using the same terminology as them but with different definitions.   

The Trinity: There is one God in whom there are three eternal, simultaneous persons--the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit.  All three are the one God, coeternal, coequal, etc., yet there is only one God, not three, and not one person who took three modes or forms.

T.D. Jakes' definition of God: "There is one God, Creator of all things, infinitely perfect, and eternally existing in three manifestations: Father, Son and Holy Spirit." (source)

The problem with Jakes' definition is the word manifestation. God did not manifest Himself in three different ways but exists as three persons at the same time. Jesus is not the Father, the Father is not Jesus or the Holy Spirit. The Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are each distinct persons eternally existing in the one true God.

T.D. Jakes sees no problem with Christianity borrowing from Eastern Mysticism (source). Most of T.D. Jakes' messages are a combination of the Word of Faith gospel and Prosperity gospel.

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The following teachers have spoken at Jesus Culture Conferences:

Jesus Culture considers these teachers to be spiritual mothers and fathers

What is the Kundalini Spirit? | The Berean Call

Another point to consider in regards to the gold dust “miracle occurrence” is the way the attendees at Bethel Church reacted when they saw it. The immediate reaction was similar to a teenage girl spotting her music idol on the street, lots of cell phones and screaming. It is difficult to imagine a manifestation from Almighty God occurring and responding by posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram. Remember God is not just love but also holy (perfect), pure and just. Consider these passages and how the recipients of the miracle or vision reacted. 
“And when I saw Him, I fell at His feet as dead. But He laid His right hand on me, saying to me, “Do not be afraid; I am the First and the Last.” Revelation 1:17

“I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, high and lifted up, and the train of His robe filled the temple.  Above it stood seraphim; each one had six wings: with two he covered his face, with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew. And one cried to another and said: “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of His glory!” And the posts of the door were shaken by the voice of him who cried out, and the house was filled with smoke.  So I said: Woe is me, for I am undone! Because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips; for my eyes have seen the King, The Lord of hosts.” Isaiah 6:1-5​

“Jesus heard that they had cast him out; and when He had found him, He said to him, “Do you believe in the Son of God?” He answered and said, “Who is He, Lord, that I may believe in Him?” And Jesus said to him, “You have both seen Him and it is He who is talking with you.” Then he said, “Lord, I believe!” And he worshiped Him. And Jesus said, “For judgment I have come into this world, that those who do not see may see, and that those who see may be made blind.” John 9:35-39

​ ​The response to a vision or miracle from God is a realization of how holy God is and how sinful yourself is. There are testimonies from Christians at Bethel and Jesus Culture claiming their experience is from the Holy Spirit. In these experiences they have lost complete control of their bodies. ​2 Corinthians 11:4 and Galatians 1 warns that Christians are capable of being deceived by a different spirit and a different gospel. The way we test these experiences is by the Holy Bible. However, when one forsakes the Bible as their authority they then open the door for any type of teaching they prefer.

Gold dust is not mentioned in the Bible as a miracle. The only place where gold dust is mentioned is in Exodus 32:15-20 where it is neither a miracle or a blessing:

​"And Moses turned and went down from the mountain, and the two tablets of the Testimony were in his hand. The tabletswere written on both sides; on the one side and on the other they were written. 16 Now the tablets were the work of God, and the writing was the writing of God engraved on the tablets.17 And when Joshua heard the noise of the people as they shouted, he said to Moses, “There is a noise of war in the camp.”18 But he said:“It is not the noise of the shout of victory,Nor the noise of the cry of defeat,But the sound of singing I hear.”19 So it was, as soon as he came near the camp, that he saw the calf and the dancing. So Moses’ anger became hot, and he cast the tablets out of his hands and broke them at the foot of the mountain. 20 Then he took the calf which they had made, burned it in the fire, and ground it to powder; and he scattered it on the water and made the children of Israel drink it." Exodus 32:15-20 NJKV

Randy Clark and the "Toronto Blessing" Question: "What is the Toronto Blessing?"

Answer: The Toronto Blessing is a supposed outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the people of the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship Church, formerly the Toronto Airport Vineyard Church. On January 20, 1994, a Pentecostal pastor named Randy Clark spoke at the church and gave his testimony of how he would get “drunk” in the Spirit and laugh uncontrollably. In response to this testimony, the congregation erupted in pandemonium with people laughing, growling, dancing, shaking, barking like dogs, and even being stuck in positions of paralysis. These experiences were attributed to the Holy Spirit entering people’s bodies. The pastor of the church, John Arnott, referred to it as a big Holy Spirit party. The moniker “Toronto Blessing” was given, and the church was soon in the international spotlight.  Read More Here

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Bethel Church is known for manifestations such as gold dust, glory clouds and feathers

Bill Johnson Supports Heretic Randy Clark

Jesus Culture is not just a popular Christian band but a movement which appeals to the younger generation of Christians. Jesus Culture started as a youth group at Bill Johnson’s church Bethel in Redding California. Now they travel the world encouraging Christians to seek encounters with God, His love and equipping them in the realm of the supernatural in order to raise up a new breed of revivalists. If this doesn’t sound mystical and ring your discernment alarm bells, it should.

Despite the few beneficial pockets of insight one could glean from listening to a message from Jesus Culture, they promote a Dominion or Kingdom Now Theology with an emphasis on signs and wonders. From their music to podcasts to conferences to curriculum their underlining message is that Christians have a mandate to usher in the reign of Jesus by signs and wonders. They claim to be apostles and prophets who see dreams and visions. Jesus Culture elevates experience above the authority of God's Word, thus opening the door for mystical experiences that no one can question.

Banning Liebscher is the director of Jesus Culture and has been on staff at Bethel Church for over ten years. It must be made clear that Bethel Church and Jesus Culture cannot be separated for their roots are in Bill Johnson who believes he was specifically chosen by God, thus claiming to be an apostle. 

Jesus Culture is also associated with heretics such as Benny Hinn, TD Jakes, Randy Clark, Todd Bentley, Reinhard Bonnke and others in this movement. They have been influenced greatly by the Vineyard Movement which was founded by John Wimber. Wimber disassociated from Calvary Chapel after Chuck Smith heard reports of people levitating, being slain in the spirit, aura reading and other bizarre practices. It was decided that Wimber should leave Calvary Chapel since he was headed in a different direction.

Jesus Culture appeals to young unsuspecting Christians who most of the time are unfortunately unaware of the well known heretics who have infiltrated Christianity and heretical movements which have come and gone. Because of their extreme emphasis of experience over sound doctrine and an unbalanced view of signs and wonders, Jesus Culture can be considered as a counterfeit revival which branched from the Third Wave Movement. They are part of what is known as the New Apostolic Reformation Movement. Note: This is different than the Emergent Church Movement, as described here.

Below is a video which was created to show the connection between Jesus Culture, Bill Johnson and a line of heretics and questionable teachers and practices such as Todd Bentley, Randy Clark and T.D. Jakes.

Jesus Culture: Just Another Christian Band?

"For though by this time you ought to be teachers, you have need again for someone to teach you the elementary principles of the oracles of God, and you have come to need milk and not solid food..But solid food is for the mature, who because of practice have their senses trained to discern good and evil. "  Hebrews 5:12

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4Discernment The Rock Church

The Rock Church San Diego with Pastor Miles McPherson is becoming apart of the New Apostolic Reformation. Appearances of gold dust, angels, teaching impartaions, how to heal and prophecy. Heretic Randy Clark from the Toronto Blessing and Global Awakening taught the conference Kingdom Foundations at the Rock Church. 4Discernment is attempting to bring everything to the light for the sake of truth. Maria Sainz from Red Seal Ministries spoke at the Rock Church and taught JC Girls in 2012 4Discernment Jesus Culture Heresy 4discernment.com4Discernment4Discernment The Rock Church