The Prophetic Movement has infiltrated San Diego and many other parts of not only the United States but the entire world. Christians are to be discerning in all matters of faith and truth. We are to not blindly follow a teacher or leader but filter everything through the Word of God. Beware of the New Apostalic Reformation Movement, KHOP, International House of Prayer (IHOP), Global Awakening, healing rooms, impartations, manifestations such as feathers, diamonds and gold dust. These movements and teachers like to claim these things are apart of the "greater works you will do" that Jesus talked about. However, are these manifestations, miracles and signs really what Jesus was speaking of? You decide.


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4Discernment The Rock Church

The Rock Church San Diego with Pastor Miles McPherson is becoming apart of the New Apostolic Reformation. Appearances of gold dust, angels, teaching impartaions, how to heal and prophecy. Heretic Randy Clark from the Toronto Blessing and Global Awakening taught the conference Kingdom Foundations at the Rock Church. 4Discernment is attempting to bring everything to the light for the sake of truth. Maria Sainz from Red Seal Ministries spoke at the Rock Church and taught JC Girls in 2012 4Discernment Jesus Culture Heresy 4discernment.com4Discernment4Discernment The Rock Church